13 Years of Childlessness and Blocked Tubes Shattered!

My friend had a child years back and after that she was diagnosed of hydrosalpinx ( her tubes were filled with fluid causing blockage). For 13 years she tried to conceive without success. She underwent many treatment in the hospital but no head way.

I told her about Longrich Panty liners in November 2017, she bought from me, also got the pad. Each time she wore the liner she would notice her liner and her pant will be soaked with fluid. I told her to continue usage, unknown to us, the liner was drawing out the fluid that blocked her tubes.

She was to see her period 12th of January but it didn’t come. She didn’t really think much of it. After a week she started feeling ill, I advised her to see her Doctor, she waited till she went to her company hospital, a reputable one, she was confirmed pregnant my people.

What doctors couldn’t solve for 13 years was solved in 2 months by Longrich Pantyliner.

Longrich is God-sent. I thank God for using me put smile on my friends face. Glory to God.

Longrich rocks.

:By Christiana

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